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SKU: 9781903088371
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BSA Gold Star & Other Singles

Author: Roy Bacon
Format: Hardback, 192 Pages
Publisher: Andover Norton International
Year: 2012, first published in 1982
153 illustrations and photos
ISBN: 9781903088371
Price: $59.95

A good overview for the post-war BSA Singles range, including the unit construction models to the very end. Highlighted by the exciting Gold Star, this book succeeds in analyzing all the different BSA single models, loved or unloved, and concludes with easily read specifications and model recognition points. No BSA enthusiast can afford to ignore it.

Models we have parts for: C15 Star, C15T Trials, C15S Scrambler, C15SS Sport Star, C15 Pastoral, C15 Starfire, C15 Roadster, B40 Star, B40SS Sport Star, B40 Enduro Star,B40 Roughrider, WDB40, BSA 441,B44GP Grand Prix, B44 Enduro, B44 Victor, B44 Victor Special, B44 Roadster, C25 Barracuda, B25 Starfire, B25 Fleetstar, B44 Shooting Star, B25T, B25SS, B50SS, B50T Trail, B50MX, TR25W Trophy, T25T